[Samba] Why is EXCEL SO SLOW on SAMBA?

Wed Jul 16 14:21:10 GMT 2003

Hello all,
I have always experienced VERY SLOW response times on opening an EXCEL sheet ever since I had started to use SAMBA
WAY back.  I have been hoping that a newer release would fix this one issue but it never seems to happen.  Does anyone
know what could be the problem?  I can open the same Excel sheet on a Novell server and it opens instantly.  I have no
problems with WORD documents.  They open just fine.  It just seems to be the Office 2000 pro Excel sheets.  This slowness
occurs on the 2x all the way up to the 3.0 beta 2.  I have also tried turning off oplocks but that has no effect.  It takes
15 seconds to open an Excel sheet on SAMBA and only a half of a second on Novell.

Any advice would be greatly welcome.

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