[Samba] Re: Logon home

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Wed Jul 16 14:19:49 GMT 2003

|  I'm in doubt about setting "logon home" and 
|  "path - in [homes]"
| I have one group of users for which the home
| directories are in
| /export/home/de/pos/user
| How should I set "logon home"??? If I set "logon 
| home" it isn't needed to set "path" inside [homes], 
| right?

If the home-dir feld in the respective passwd line
is /export/home/de/pos/userXY then it should not be
necessary to explicitely set it under [homes].

logon path is something else. It's where the client
has to look for the user profiles and it is advisable
to keep it in a totally separate path. You then need
a share with this name:

      path = /export/profiles/de/pos
      valid users = %U
      read only = No
      browseable = No

for example.

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