[Samba] Odd Samba Related issues...

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Mon Jul 14 15:46:22 GMT 2003

Hello All,

	I have been experiencing some slightly off issues with Samba on
our main Primary Domain Controller recently. The client systems have, on
occasion, coughed up an error stating that either the machine account or
the password for the user account is invalid, when it is in fact VERY

	The server itself is rarely ever over 1.43 in load average,
determined through using Top and most of the time, the server is
hovering at less then .92 Load average. I have been unable to test, so
far, but it appears that this issue might be occurring during those
higher load average times.

	This load average issue didn't exist until recently with the
addition of some synchronization scripts that run several times a day.
This scripts duplicated data from the main server to the "Hot Back-up"
server. So, all of this could be related to disc access.

	I don't believe that it is related to the network, since the
synchronization occurs over a "separate" network that only the two
servers sit on, which has a separate addressing scheme as well as
physically separate NICs and a 10/100 Switch in-between them.

	Any suggestions? Need more Information?

Robert Adkins II
IT Manager/Buyer
Impel Industries, Inc.

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