[Samba] samba printerserver and NT-drives?

Nykänen Arto arto.nykanen at islh.intermin.fi
Mon Jul 14 07:55:11 GMT 2003

I have successfully installed samba 2.2.8a-1 printserver.

No I have created 2 "dummy devices", which use the ps2pdf script to change the
PS-input to pdf.
One I share with name pdf_W2K and another as a pdf_NT.

I have managed to create the print$ and configured the driveruploading so that
users with NTadmin rights and/or domain admin rights can install printers on
Users with normal rights can install both printers on W2k or XP, BUT not to NT.

Nt says that user privileges are not sufficient, because the driver should be
installed locally! I really dont want to run and install it on 580 computers....

Could anyone help me with this?

I really wouldnt want to go and mess with the userrights in NT-domain.
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