[Samba] Pseudo-GPO Support for Samba

Matt Neimeyer lists at neimeyer.org
Sat Jul 12 05:56:10 GMT 2003

>>I'm thinking of taking the approach of creating a "version tag" file in 
>>the windows system folder.
>I think that's a great idea! That's far easier to script than an API call, 
>and possibly more effective.

Of course... one could simple put that in a registry key somewhere since 
that's what this app basically needs to do.

>>>In the meantime, I am going to put together a "plan" for the GPO thing 
>>>and will post to the list, probably tomorrow sometime.
>>I'll be waiting patiently... :)
>Dont you just hate meetings? The way they drag on and you have *real* work 
>to do? I will try to get to it today ;-)

Work? You mean that thing that keeps me from hashing out problems with my 
network 24 hours a day?


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