[Samba] Re: Pseudo-GPO Support for Samba

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Fri Jul 11 15:13:05 GMT 2003

Jerry Haltom wrote:

> I have created a GPO similar program specifically for deploying
> applications to workstations. Similar to how GPO can push software
> packages.
> I like to call it wpkg. (dpkg for Windows :)
> It's very simple, but, very effective, and it works for more than MSI's.

Sounds very interesting. I take it you are about to offer it for 
inspection/download at some point in the near future? Or you are writing 
up some plan of action on how to write another (more 
comprehensive/flexible) one?
And we are all waiting very patiently. ;-) Good work! Keep it up!

Thanks for your efforts.

Urs Rau

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