[Samba] Subject: WINS for a NAS (group names should not be multihomed)

radekambi at idealx.com radekambi at idealx.com
Fri Jul 11 09:18:29 GMT 2003

we use a Samba 3.0.0beta2 as a PDC (node name 'TESTPDC', domain name
'MYDOMAIN') and WINS server
# grep -i wins smb.conf
        wins support = yes

we also use a NetApp Filer F87 (netBIOS name 'JUPITER') configured
 - with only one nw interface, with an IP number shown here as ((NAS_IP))
 - to join a CIFS domain (no problem for now), and registered the Samba
   host as a WINS server

pertinent wins.dat snippet:
"JUPITER#00" 1058250168 ((NAS_IP)) 64R
"JUPITER#03" 1058250168 ((NAS_IP)) 64R
"JUPITER#20" 1058250168 ((NAS_IP)) 64R

therefore it seems to work, but we cannot understand why log.nmbd contains:
[2003/07/11 08:25:06, 0]
  wins_process_multihomed_name_registration_request: group name registration
request received for name MYDOMAIN<00> from IP ((NAS_IP)) on subnet
WINS_SERVER_SUBNET . Errror - group names should not be multihomed.

NAS consecutive loglines:
Fri Jul 11 10:19:29 MEST [rshd_0:info]: Connection with DC \\TESTPDC
Fri Jul 11 10:19:34 MEST [nbns_timer:error]: WINS Server ((PDC_IP)) is not
responding to registration of ((NAS_IP))
Fri Jul 11 10:19:34 MEST [nbns_timer:error]: No WINS servers are
responding; still trying
Fri Jul 11 10:20:37 MEST [nbns_timer:error]: WINS server responded

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