[Samba] Problem with VSS access via Samba

Ryan F. Bayhonan ryanb at ntsp.nec.co.jp
Fri Jul 11 08:24:42 GMT 2003

Good day to all,

I have been using samba for many months now. And I find it very useful.
We have samba-2.2.1a running on a linux operating system.

Perhaps before, I haven't had a problem running a samba service since
only few user make access to our samba server. Now, many groups requested
for a samba account for file sharing purposes. 1 particular group requested
to host their visual source safe (VSS) database in our samba server. After a 
few months of operation, accessing their source code in the VSS repository
went well. But one day, the group complained to me that their VSS application
hangs when they tried to connect to the VSS repository.

I executed smbstatus command to check the status of the samba server. I
noticed that there are more than 30 users who made accessed to the share VSS 
repository, and more than 50 users who made accessed to other share folders.

I'm wondering why VSS application hanged? This problem already happened
thrice (3) in a month now.

My temporary solution to this problem is to restart the samba service, which
is for me a not so very good solution.

Does anyone have had the same experienced with this? I hope you could
give me some pointers on how to solve or find some better workaround.

Is it possible that latest samba release have some fixes to this problem?

Best regards,

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