[Samba] Samba 3.0 beta 2 - smbclient and acctuented characters off a win2k server

Francois Menard (Mailing List Account) fm-listproc at fmmo.ca
Thu Jul 10 21:29:41 GMT 2003

Good news,

In my new purpose in life to understand why I could not do a dir with
smbclient and see our files with accentuated characters in a win2kserver
share with real characters instead of question marks, I am now observing
that 3.0 beta 2 allows me to see such characters whereas 3.0 beta 1 did

I have no explanation from that in the what's new for 3.0 beta 2...

On another note, when I try to create a directory with an accentuated
character, I get an error message "short utf8 char". Bummer.

Finally, this doesn't solve my problem of utilizing smbfs, which is still
rigged with the problem.

Anybody of higher competence than me can come up with a patch for 2.4.20



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