[Samba] enforcing windows permissions on "smbmount"-ed shares

Nebu John Mathai nebum at zoran.com
Thu Jul 10 20:59:46 GMT 2003


I'm using samba/winbind to integrate a linux machine on to a windows
network. I'm at the point where I have a unified logon scheme with logins to
the linux machine being authenticated through the windows PDC (using

I also have a windows-based file server with shares that I can successfully
"smbmount" on the linux machine.

My problem is that I would like to be able to mount the windows share on the
linux machine, while still maintaining the windows permissions. The share
that I'm mounting has a bunch of user home directories, as well as some
common folders. On windows, the permissions are correctly set so as to
restrict and allow access, as dictated by the permissions. However, using
"smbmount" there is no permission structure present--the share is mounted as
root, and that is the only permission throughout the share.

Is there a mechanism to mount a windows share on linux, while maintaining
the windows permission structure?

I have the following components on my system:
system - redhat linux v7.2
kernel - 2.4.18
samba - v2.2.3a

My system uses the stock RedHat components; I've not had to recompile the
kernel for samba/winbind.

Thanks for your help,
Nebu (nebum at zoran.com)

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