[Samba] Ldap failover

Nathan Ehresman nehresma at css.tayloru.edu
Thu Jul 10 19:50:41 GMT 2003

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 02:49:05PM -0400, Mike Samba wrote:
> I have two LDAP servers working.  One primary, one slave.  Replication is
> working.  I have my PDC authenticating against one LDAP server, or the
> other.  I cannot get it to check the first, if that is unavailable, then
> check the second.  It basically crashes.  Here is the line I am currently
> using in smb.conf:
>    ldap server = srv1.domain.com
> This works, as does:
>    ldap server = srv2.domain.com
> But this crashes:
>    ldap server = srv1.domain.com srv2.domain.com

This isn't exactly what you're looking for but I needed this functionality
last summer too, and sent a patch to the technical list to add it (against
the 2.2 series).  Afterwards I found out that the openldap library already
provided the failover support, and samba had been taking advantage of that
fact.  What version of the openldap libraries are you building against?  I
haven't tried this with the 3.0 series yet, but under 2.2 it openldap's
failover support has worked great for us for over a year now.



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