[Samba] Question on PDC's and BDC's

Kristyan Osborne kris at longhill.brighton-hove.sch.uk
Thu Jul 10 07:12:29 GMT 2003


I have a samba3alpha19 PDC with an LDAP backend. The BDC is also samba3alpha19 with the LDAP backend. It is fairly simple to setup if you follow the instruction in the samba-bdc howto.


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Morning everyone.

I have a question about something i've been thinking about lately.
I recently rolled out a samba server running 2.2.8a with OpenLDAP 2.0.27 on 
the backend to hold the user account info.

My question is, how many people out there are running samba as their PDC 
and have implemented a BDC as well? I'm starting to consider about putting 
up a BDC for safeties sake.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on a BDC? A good idea? 
Bad idea? What they recommend and so forth.

Lastly, does anyone know of a document or link that has statistics in a 
comparison between samba as a PDC and Windows as a PDC? Maybe for instance, 
the load level, how many users each server can support etc.

Thank you everyone.



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