[Samba] Re: RH8 guest: bad fs?

Mike - EMAIL IGNORED m_d_berger_1900 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 01:30:37 GMT 2003

Further examination finds that another system, RH9, has
an executable named smbmount.  I haven't yet tried a mount.
The RH8, below, I think (will know tomorrow), lacks this
file.  A smoking gun?  Why is it missing?  Or is it not
the issue?


Mike - EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
> I recently reinstalled RH8 as a VMware guest on a WinXP box.
> I used a previously proven script at level 3, containing, in
> one line with no inappropriate spaces:
>    mount -t smbfs -o user,noauto,dmask=777,fmask=777,username=xx,
>    password=yy //DELLBOX/linuxShare /mnt/linuxShare
> I get a failure that reports numerous possibilities including
> bad fs, and other other things.  I suspect I omitted a step
> in the installation.  I used the standard RH8 Workstation install,
> and later executed an upgrade to get Samba.
> Pings are successful in both directions.
> Any suggestion about what I might be missing?
> Thanks,
> Mike.
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