[Samba] Pseudo-GPO Support for Samba

Erich Vinson evinson at trginc.us
Wed Jul 9 18:08:18 GMT 2003

> I didn't mean that so much... although that is something else... I meant 
> more that if I have a common My Documents folder (and at home I do) if I 
> change the logon script to point to a new folder it takes two logons to 
> have that folder redirected.

I tried manually changing the registry key:


to a different value. You are right, even with manual modification, the 
change did not take effect until I logged off and back on. There is 
obviously some other process that must take place before the update 
happens. Unless, I just have the wrong key, which is entirely possible.

I think that a search on the API might turn something up. I will try to 
look a little later.

In the meantime, I am going to put together a "plan" for the GPO thing 
and will post to the list, probably tomorrow sometime.

Erich Vinson
Chief of Technology
IT, Inc.
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