[Samba] Re: Pseudo-GPO Support for Samba

Erich Vinson evinson at trginc.us
Wed Jul 9 17:22:21 GMT 2003

> However, the advantage that GPO's had when I used them is that they seem to 
> take effect immediatly where some of the registry edits with kixtart 
> don't... 

The reason for this is that in a native 2K domain, you can set a GPO 
refresh interval that downloads and applies updated GPOs. We could 
certainly implement something similar to that, whether with Kixtart or 
developing a new app...

I would like to start getting input from other admins that use Samba as 
a 2KServer alternative as far as the features they would like to see, 
how it should be deployed, etc.

Not sure right now which is better, modify Kixtart or start from 
scratch? I have been thinking more and more and definately want to get 
something started, if for no other reason than it would make my life 
easier ;-) Of course, I'm willing to share! :-D Also, this could really 
help the cause of Samba as the GPO thing is a pretty major hurdle for 2K 
admins to overcome when considering whether to switch or not.

Erich Vinson
Chief of Technology
IT, Inc.
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