[Samba] Samba3b2, solaris, AD suport and libiconv.

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Wed Jul 9 05:30:21 GMT 2003

yuo not write if and how you install iconv. If you compile iconv then it is
ok but need install to proper place with path and libs plus devel files must
be proper placed. I not understand solaris but linux have ldconfig and this
ldconfig sumarize info about installed libs and may be run afther install or
reinstal new lib.
Afther compile try localize original solaris iconv files and overwrite with
new compiled or install it by script not to /usr/local/...


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Subject: [Samba] Samba3b2, solaris, AD suport and libiconv.

> Hi all,
> I am attempting to build samba3 beta2 for AD support, and I've run into a
brick wall.
> I am using Solaris 2.7 and 2.9, with gcc 2.95.2, with krb5-1.2.8 and (now)
> Firstly, I am getting errors of the like:
> Error loading module '/usr/local/samba/lib/charset/CP850.so': ld.so.1:
./smbclient: fatal:
> /usr/local/samba/lib/charset/CP850.so: open failed: No such file or
> Conversion from UTF8 to CP850 not supported
> I found an obscure reference about compiling libiconv and using that, and
sure enough, the configure
> script in samba references the same.  So I did, and have now got the
following error:
> example%
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/samba3 --with-krb5=/usr/local/kerberos --wit
> libiconv=/usr/local/iconv --with-ldap
> (Both kerberos and libiconv compiled with no problems).
> ...
> checking whether pututline returns pointer... yes
> checking for ut_syslen in utmpx... yes
> checking for iconv in /usr/local/iconv... yes
> checking for working iconv... no
> configure: WARNING: Sufficient support for iconv function was not found.
>     Install libiconv from http://freshmeat.net/projects/libiconv/ for
better charset compatibility!
> checking for Linux kernel oplocks... no
> checking for kernel change notify support... no
> checking for kernel share modes... no
> checking for IRIX kernel oplock type definitions... no
> checking for irix specific capabilities... no
> checking for int16 typedef included by rpc/rpc.h... no
> checking for uint16 typedef included by rpc/rpc.h... no
> checking for int32 typedef included by rpc/rpc.h... no
> checking for uint32 typedef included by rpc/rpc.h... no
> checking for conflicting AUTH_ERROR define in rpc/rpc.h... no
> checking for test routines... configure: error: cant find test code.
Aborting config
> The configure script doesn't work very well.  I have also tested this on
Linux and FreeBSD as they
> have libiconv integrated into their system.  Solaris 9 does as well, but
I'm unsure of the setup.
> Anyways, samba3's configure script refuses to say that my /usr/local/iconv
installation works.
> On FreeBSD I first used the builtin libiconv package, and the test passed.
I then removed the
> package, and
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