[Samba] Samba 22.8 ODC, Windows XP and Mandatory profiles

Adrian Bolzan Adrian.Bolzan at aot.com.au
Tue Jul 8 23:48:13 GMT 2003


I am not that familiar with Windows XP so amnot sure 
where to look to set mandatory profiles.  The searchable 
lists mention Windows 2000 a lot but not XP.

I have a samba 2.2.8 PDC with WinXP SP1 clients.  I 
can connect to the PDC fine and Roaming Profiles 
works well.

However, i would like to set up Mandatory Profiles on 
the WinXP clients.  

Any help appreciated.

If it means upgradign to Samba 3 beta 2 that should be 



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