[Samba] Minor problem with CUPS printing.

Karl Banasky kbanasky at heatcon.com
Tue Jul 8 22:23:26 GMT 2003

Try printcap name = lpstat in the Global settings.


 >>  I've got a Red hat 8.0 machine running the latest "up2date" version of
 >>  Samba
 >>  (2.2.7 with Red Hat's patches) acting as a print server using CUPS.

 >>  The printing of documents is fine for the most part.  But I have noticed
 >>  one
 >>  thing that is really nothing more than an annoyance and was wondering if
 >>  anyone else has seen the problem and possibly a cure.

 >>  I have all Windows 2000 Pro clients, most of them have all 5 printers that
 >>  this server controls installed. (The drivers are locally installed and not
 >>  downloaded from the server - I'm still working on that.)  All of the
 >>  printers installed show up as they should and all of the driver options
 >>  are
 >>  available.

 >>  But the "Printers" control panel applet keep reporting these printers as
 >>  "Access is denied, unable to connect" when you select one of the printers.
 >>  In addition when you double-click on the one of the printers to see the
 >>  "queue", nothing ever shows up and the same "Access is denied, unable to
 >>  connect" is displayed in the title bar of the dialogue box.

 >>  Since the print jobs are flowing, I'm not *too* concerned about them, but
 >>  I
 >>  would like to remove this message and be able to the print queues if that
 >>  is
 >>  possible.

 >>  --
 >>  Kevin L. Collins, MCSE
 >>  Systems Manager
 >>  Nesbitt Engineering, Inc.
 >>  -- 
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