[Samba] LMB question

D. Rick Anderson ruger at acsnv.com
Tue Jul 8 19:28:36 GMT 2003

Can somebody explain to me how the whole Local Master Browser thing works?
I'm running samba across 3 subnets, and all the docs tell you to set up a
Local Master Browser on each subnet. I couldn't find any documentation on
how to actually do that so I used the remote announce option in smb.conf,
and it's working great, but now there are two machines (one for each
subnet outside of the servers subnet) that keep claiming to be the Local
Master Browser (per the log files on the samba server). If I turn off
remote annouce, then those machines can't see the domain, and nobody can

This hurts my brain.

I don't care how it works out, but either I need to set up Local Master
Browsers, or I need to leave remote announce on and force those machines
to stop trying to become the Local Master Browser.



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