[Samba] Printing Through Samba From Windows

Chris McKeever cgmckeever at prupref.com
Tue Jul 8 13:39:51 GMT 2003

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> > you can set the printer up as RAW on the linux side, it 
> then just passes
> the
> > print job through to the printer untouched, so yes, your 
> windows machine
> > will use its driver, pass it to the linux box  which then 
> in turn passes
> it
> > to the printer.
> Thanks. Is 'Raw' a linux OS setting, or a samba setting?  I 
> haven't gotten
> real deep into samba yet, except for some simple shares.  
> What a great tool,
> though.

i know in CUPS it is a setting on how you control the printer.  I think
using lpd there is a flag  -raw (or something, not sure) that you can pass
to the print command that basically says:

take this job, send it to the printer but dont fart with it...

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