[Samba] ldap pdc and rejoining domains

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> Subject: [Samba] ldap pdc and rejoining domains
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> Afternoon all,
> I've got a problem I hope somebody can help me with.
> We've got samba working as a PDC to windows 2000 machines
> with LDAP as the backend.
> It's fine until we start distributing the load over multiple LDAP servers.
> I've changed the configuration in the pam ldap stuff (on Solaris using
padl) to
> point at a slave LDAP server (replacing /etc/passwd)
> What I'm not clear on is what happens when we rebuild a machine.
> We reinstall the machine & try to create a new domain account.
> That fails because it already exists
> Machine then tries to rejoin domain setting up new SID/password (???)
> smb.conf points at the ldap-slave
> smbldap_tools stuff points at ldap master
> pam.conf stuff points at ldap slave
> which one is samba using to rejoin the domain.  I guess it's smb.conf or
> pam.conf
> since before I had referrals working properly changes were being made to
> the slave.
> If it's smb.conf, does it understand referrals?  If not, is it
possible to
> use a slave
> ldap server with samba?

Depends which version of samba. IIRC, referral support was added in
2.2.8 or 2.2.8a, although there are patches available for 2.2.7a
(Mandrake packages had it since 2.2.7a-3mdk for example, so current
update packages have it).

If you have a recent samba, it should all work without problems, except
when actually joining to a BDC (but I think there is a workaround in the
webpage I link to below).

> Sorry if I seem confused - it's cos I am

BTW, I have covered some aspects which aren't really well documented in
other places here:



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