[Samba] Net groupmap problem.

Ely Zavin ely at txc.com
Mon Jul 7 19:15:01 GMT 2003

I am trying to use samba3.0.0beta2 as PDC with openldap.
Everything works. I can create unix user on LDAP sever and then create samba
with smbpasswd -a command.
The only problem so far is net commands.
First of all when I tried to list all users with net user command I can only
do it with user name and password which exist on LDAP. The rootdn and
password stored in secrets.tdb file
doesn't work.
I also created unix admin group and tried to map it to NT Domain Admins
group using
net groupmap add command.
When I executed the command net groupmap add sid=S-... ntgroup="Domain
Admins" unixgroup=sysadm the ouput was: Successully added group Domain
Admins to the mapping db
But nothing happened. When I tried to list groups with command net groupmap
list nothing was listed.
What is wrong? Is samba3 fully functional with LDAP?
Ely Zavin.

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