[Samba] Samba 3.x and some confusion

Adrian Chow achow at gandalf.uwcsea.edu.sg
Mon Jul 7 17:17:04 GMT 2003


I got 2 samba servers acting as PDC on the same subnet.
1 server is a 2.2.7 server and another is a 3.0beta server.

I got XP, win98 clients on a subnet that is different than the PDCs.  And
win2k client on the same network as the PDC.  The common wins server is
2.2.7 server.  (Client means it DOES NOT join it as a domain. )

For Win2k, I got no problems pinging the PDCs.  Wins can resolve it. 
Neither Win98 and XP on the other subnet got problems pinging.  They all
worked fine....

The problem is when accessing the servers' shared directory.

The Win98 and XP got problem accessing the shared directory of the 3.0beta
server, but not the 2.2.7 server!! It cannot find the 3.0beta server and
"net view \\samba3.0server" gave error 53.  Win98 machine has logged in to
itself as a username and password which is the same as a user created in
the smbpasswd file of the samba3.0server.  The 2 machines doesn't have a
prompt that seeks for username and password.

The win2k machine got no problems accessing any of the servers.  It got
prompted for the username and password.

Any idea any settings in the 3.0server that I need to set??  Or is it a
subnet problem and that I need to explicitly set something to make it

Any idea of how to start troubleshooting....



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