[Samba] Samba converting character set from old Server to new Server

JJunge at paritaet-th.de JJunge at paritaet-th.de
Sun Jul 6 14:18:33 GMT 2003


I have a SMB Server runing for 2 Year, now is the time to move to a new
more powerful machine . I set up the old smb Server without character set
convertion. Now, I'd like to introduce character set conversion on the new

So, how do I move the files from old to new server with keeping permission,
creating and touch date, but translating the character set.


- Copiing with rsync: Keeps the permissions etc. , but does no translation.
- Copiing via smb: Does the translation, but will not keep the permissions.

The old smb.conf does not use charset conversion an the new uses:

# smb.conf
client code page = 850
character set = ISO8859-1

Any solutions?


Jörg Junge

Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband
Landesverband Thüringen e.V.
Bergstr. 11
99192 Neudietendorf

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