[Samba] Newbie Failure to connect

Matt Neimeyer lists at neimeyer.org
Sun Jul 6 14:06:54 GMT 2003

>Do you have any strange security settings in your Local Security Policy on
>your windows machine? i.e. requiring NTLMv2 authentication, 128bit password
>encryption, minimum session security for RPC, etc. Also, check your docs dir
>for the security level documentation, and make sure you're using the correct
>auth. Scheme

Not that I'm aware of... I'm using a freshly installed Win2K Pro with SP4 
that is a member of the same workgroup that the Samba box is in. The rest 
of the computers in the house haven't been pointed there yet...

I've tried encrypted passwords on and off.

Plus... since the log file is saying that it can't access the log files or 
the password database I'm assuming it's something I've managed to hose... 
or not set up correctly...


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