[Samba] Windows XP logon and Samba PDC

Régis Brouard rb at iut-fbleau.fr
Fri Jul 4 14:20:57 GMT 2003

i've tried all the modifications i-ve found to login with Windows XP Pro
client on a Samba Server as PDC but nothing have worked. what else could i
do or did i do something wrong ?

modif. :
    -in regedit : HKEYLOCALMACHINE\...\Parameters\requiresignorseal -> 0
    -in regedit : HKEYLOCALMACHINE\...\Parameters\signsecurechannel -> 0

    i added :
    - in regedit : HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\...\CompatibleRUPSecurity --> 1
as a DWORD

    and finally :
    - i enabled in the Group Policy Editor : "do not check for iser
ownership of Roaming profile".

someone's an idea ??


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