[Samba] Password Must Change and Windows 2000 Clients

Chris Campbell Chris.Campbell at jefferson.edu
Thu Jul 3 21:10:13 GMT 2003

This is a Domain Controller question.  I got this email from the samba website as apparently the ntdomain list has been discontinued.  I apologize if this is not being sent to the correct place.

My issue:

I have a Linux server set up as a domain controller using samba with an LDAP backend.  I can set the "passwdMustChange" attribute.  With Windows NT 4 clients, this works fine - the user is prompted for the new password and the password change is submitted to the server. (The server changes the password and resets the attribute so the user is not prompted again.)  This works perfect.  When using Windows 2000, however, this does not seem to work.  It hangs for a bit and then responds with a message indicating that the domain is unavailable.

Any suggestions?



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