[Samba] pre/postexec

rybaczuk Marek.Rybaczuk at pwr.wroc.pl
Thu Jul 3 10:31:28 GMT 2003

Running system: SuSE 7.2 (kernel 2.2.4) & samba-3.0.0beta1. There is 
coexisting Win(Millennium) system at the server (reason: many win partitions 
MUST be directly available at the central unit under windows after rebooting 
to windows).

People connect their laptops (with small HD and Win2k SP2) to central unit and
samba offers shares with Linux accounts. However, there are many win 
partitions (previously created for any user) at the same computer equipped 
with many HD (6 at present time). It is not possible to mount all win 
partitions - too many. Usual mounting scripts entails left mounted partitions 
after logout or closed connections (users behave in this way). In many cases 
the same (already mounted and left partition) is used by few users. 

PROBLEM: is it possible to create specific share, mounting some particular
windows partition (from another HD at the same computer) in accordance with
user during logon and UNMOUNT it during logout or closed connection? Does
anybody has an idea or knows a method how to do this or he has met a similar

FIRST ATTEMPT: I tried to employ pre/postexec mounting partition specific for 
a given user. The exemplary generated share is as follows:

	comment = Zbiory Win na Marku
	path = /windows/R
	valid users = magda
	read only = No
	browseable = Yes
	preexec = mount -t vfat /dev/hdf5 /windows/R
	postexec = umount /windows/R

According to fstab everybody can mount this partition

/dev/hdf5	/windows/R	vfat	noauto,user 0 0

The share is visible as empty but the pre/postexec script hasn't been
executed. Is something wrong with the above configuration?
I am not very familiar with more advanced features of samba configuration
(half-newbie). Everything else cups printers, other shares being detaily
described in man/how-to files work excellent.

Thank you in advance for any byte of information,

Marek Rybaczuk

Marek.Rybaczuk at pwr.wroc.pl

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