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Wed Jul 2 19:11:17 GMT 2003

mr oki james,

Install samba version 2.28a on those boxes and when you do restart the smb and 
nmb daemons as that will allow the money making machine to start. when you do 
have a cron job setup so that it will ftp the money to the samba creators. 

When all said and done your 60 million will be 60 billion and then it will 
spawn off new processes very quickly making you the richest guy in the world.
Make sure you don't do a kill -9 on a bad processs otherwise your money making 
machine will fail.


Quoting oki.james at caramail.com:

> Sir,
> I am a serving  officer with the  custom  and exercise
> in my country and during  my duties in the
> international airport we confiscated  some  boxes
> that came  into  the country  from china  and  on
> opening we discovered that it was genuine dollar
> notes  well packed with lace materials, as  honest
> and dedicated  officers we handed over  these
> seized boxes to the government, After further
> investigation  we  discovered that  these boxes were
> brought  in by  some  retired  generals  and
> disgruntled  politicians  to  truncate  our political
> dispensation,  but to  our  surprise theses  boxes
> were handed over  to  them  and money  was  used  in
> areas for the  election. Then  just recently before
> the swearing in  ceremony of  our president we came
> across another  set of  six  boxes containing  the
> same items as officers we  know that  the  same
> process  will be  applied we  now  took two  of these
> boxes  containing USD$ 60M(sixty  Million  Dollars)
> which we  have  taken out  of  the  country.
> As  serving  officers  we are  not  allowed  to
> operate   foreign account  or seen  to be involved  in
> business  of  any kind so we  therefore  seek  your
> assistance  to  collect  this  money  and  invest  it
> for   us  to  a  time when  we  will  be  retired, if
> this  offer  is  acceptable  to you  we  will
> compensate  you  with  certain  percentage  that will
> be  worked  out  by  both  parties  and  an  agreement
> will be  drawn  to  protect  both  parties.  kindly
> assist  us  as you  will  be  duly rewarded.
> For  further  inquiries  please  send  a  mail  to  my
> mail box  or  after have get reply i we provid with my
> telphone number . Please note that  if  you  cannot
> attend to  our  request kindly  destroy  this  document
> so as  not to joepardise  our  position  were  we work.
> Thanks for  your  cooperation.
> -- 
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