[Samba] ldap problem

Ruud Baart R.J.Baart at Prompt.nl
Wed Jul 2 16:16:44 GMT 2003

We use samba 2.2.8a, openldap 2.1.12

When adding a workstation to the PDC normally a machine account is added with a 
script (e.g. /usr/local/bin/smbaddmachine). The script runs with the userid root. 
That is neccesary because smbpasswd requires root-id for running:
    smbpasswd -m -a machinename

We have written a shellscript that works fine: an account is added to the LDAP tree 
and sambaaccount is added with smbpasswd. It works only from the commandline 
and it must be run as root because of smbpasswd.

When using this script from an unattend install from a W2K client it won't work 
because root is in /etc/passwd and not in de LDAP tree. But we can't add root as a 
samba account because root is not in de LDAP tree.  So we can't use root as 
account to run the script.

Using another userid is not possible because smbpasswd requires root. Sudo 
smbpasswd won't because all samba userid are not in /etc/passwd but in de LDAP 
tree and therefore they can't run sudo.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

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