[Samba] Some rough edges with Samba-3.0.0beta1

José Luis Tallón jltallon at adv-solutions.net
Wed Jul 2 14:19:42 GMT 2003

Hi, I am testing Samba-3.0.0.beta1, which we will use to migrate our 
Win2000 domain ( at last ;)  )

* things done:
	- Configured LDAP + permissions
	- Configured Samba.

pdbedit -a already creates users in LDAP ( objectclass: account; 
objectclass: sambaSamAccount )

* observed problems:
( might be due to some error on my part, please explain in that case )

	idmap backend = ldap:ldap://localhost	makes pdbedit segfault ( with every 
option, especially -L ). Level 4 debugging shows it is stopping right after 
parsing smb.conf
( currently "working" with idmap backend = )
	idmap backend = winbind	does not work

	pdbedit -i tdbsam -e ldapsam -g	does not export builtin groups to LDAP. 
Shall I create them by hand? Which objectclass shall I use?

	pdbedit -L -g does not list *any* group
	pdbedit -L -g -b tdbsam does list builtin groups.

wbinfo -u times out, unable to return anything
( We did not supply -Ausername%password.... is that needed? in that case 
which user? privileges? )

We are attempting to use NUA. Can switch to POSIX users/groups in LDAP if 

Please, ask for any additional information needed. I will be glad to 
provide it and help test/debug this thing.
Thanks in advance.


------- Configuration: ----
System: DELL 2600: 2 x Xeon2.4GHz, 1GB ECC DDR RAM, SCSI disks
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 "Woody" + packages from "Sid"; Kernel: 
Samba from Debian's package: samba-3.0.0.beta1-1, from official repository

----8<---- smb.conf  snippet -----
passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://localhost, guest

algorithmic rid base = 1000

ldap suffix = dc=recuerdo,dc=net
ldap admin dn = uid=samba,ou=daemons,dc=recuerdo,dc=net
ldap delete dn = no
ldap user suffix = ou=people
ldap group suffix = ou=groups
ldap idmap suffix = ou=idmap,ou=samba
ldap machine suffix = ou=machines

ldap filter = "(uid=%u)"

idmap only = no
#idmap backend =
idmap uid = 10000-40000
idmap gid = 10000-40000

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