[Samba] Listing samba 2.2.8a (redhat 8) verables to a text file

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Tue Jul 1 17:20:22 GMT 2003

Hallo Peter,

> Thanks I have it all working now, I have noticed some querks that you may be intersted in.
> When I have "root preexec //" in a single line upto and including the "smbclient -U %L -M %m 
> </tmp/samba-smbinfo;\" it works fine but when I split the line just before this comment I 
> get a% in the final output reading Win2K instead of WinXP(which is the correct answer) I 
> have tested this severial times.. strange but true.

take a look at


There is a problem in 2.2.8a to correct recognizing WinXP - and also a patch for this. Maybe this is your problem.

> > http://www.devone.org/eisfair/doc/
> Unfortunely I cannot read German currently, but i am very intersted in this.

Try this:


Sorry, but the complete documentation isn't available in english yet.

> Sorry I am a DIV, i was too wrapped up in the "root preexec = echo" sfuff and promtly forgot 
> all about samba its self.

Glad to solved the problem  :)

Kind Regards 

der tom
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