[Samba] samba.src.rpm(RedHat site) VS samba.src.rpm(Samba site)

Keith Fernandez keith at theargoncompany.com
Fri Jan 31 12:40:36 GMT 2003


I have been checking the samba site and found a src rpm for RedHat 8.0. (2.2.7)
After checking the RedHat 8.0 updates site I found that they had a src rpm for samba.(2.2.7)

After looking at the spec files of both, I found that pam_smbpass was hashed in RedHat and unhased in the one I found at the samba
site. I need this for the smbpassword / passwd sync
Why would RedHat do this?
Also when I unhased the lines related to pam_smbpass I found that the RedHat src rpm gave some build errors.
Samba's src rpm didnt give any errors.

Any comments on the two src rpms.

Which one should I go in for. I am using RedHat 8.0 as my OS.

"The linuX Files -- The Source is Out There."

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