[Samba] unable to join 2000 to samba domain

Mike Rambo mrambo at lsd.k12.mi.us
Thu Jan 30 14:05:38 GMT 2003

Nobody seemed to have any idea's why this was happening as I received
only one suggestion to be sure I was using root & root password to join
the domain (which I was doing). In any case it seems that changing the
computer name solves the problem. I don't know why - the PDC box is
freshly built and the workstations in question newly installed but if we
change the computer name to something other than our standard that has
fixed it. The computer names ARE unique too. We usually follow a formula


so a typical name would look like 39-107-kqr7j or some such thing. In
this case that formula seems not to work. Changing the names to contain
no or only one dash seems to help. Any ideas why?

Mike Rambo wrote:
> I have a situation where some 2000 machines are unable to join the samba
> domain. We have about 50 machines of which two thirds are 2000 boxes.
> All of the 9x boxes log to the samba domain with no trouble. Of the 2000
> machines we have two groups - some IBM's and some Dell's with the Dell's
> being a couple of months older. All of the IBM's joined the domain
> without problems. None of the Dell's would. They both are 2000SP1. After
> wiping and reinstalling 2000SP2 on the Dell's most of them now also join
> the domain. However, I have a handful (4 or 5) machine that after wiping
> still refuse to join the domain. Here is the error I get...
> An error occurred attempting to join the domain "CLCCA".
> The account used is a computer account. Use your global user account or
> local user account to access this server.
> I am logged onto the local machine as the local administrator and am
> using the server root user account to join the domain. I believe I have
> performed that same steps on all of these machines yet I have this
> problem with some of them. Can anyone shed some light on what this error
> means and what I can do to rectify it?
> On a related subject, is there a way to create a second user account
> that local building people can use to join machines to the domain
> without giving out the server root password?
> Thanks.
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> Mike Rambo
> mrambo at lsd.k12.mi.us
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Mike Rambo
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