[Samba] samba 2.2.7a, security=server, password server = win2k, winxp client

Andreas Hasenack andreas at conectiva.com.br
Wed Jan 29 13:55:27 GMT 2003


I'm having some problems with the this setting. 

I'm trying to have a winxp client logon to a samba-2.2.7a machine which is using
a win2k server as password server. It works if I use a linux client (smbclient):

smbclient -L pandora -U bush%george

Pandora is the samba machine, and it contacts the w2k server and validates bush's
password. This is working, but only with smbclient. I can't do it with the winxp
logon. The logs show that, for some reason, the winxp client is connecting to the
samba server as anonymous. Nowhere does the "bush" username appears, not even in
This bush user exists on the samba server and on win2k, but not in /etc/smbpasswd
(since I expect the password to be validated against w2k).

If I change security to user and add the bush user to /etc/smbpasswd, then the
winxp client can logon just fine into this domain.

I have the pandora (linux) machine added to win2k, and the winxp machine is also
added to /etc/smbpasswd on pandora.

Another info: since the linux samba server and w2k server are on the same subnet,
I put them on different domains (w2k is a controller for domain A, and both winxp and
linux server are on domain B). Could this be it? I'm doing it because the w2k machine
will be on a different subnet in the final setup, and then I plan on using the same

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