[Samba] FreeBSD & Machine accounts

%%jrrs spieg at phair.csh.rit.edu
Wed Jan 29 05:44:10 GMT 2003

[ FreeBSD not allowing '$' in usernames, ]

  hi adam.

  i've got openbsd, and have the same scenario there with the 
  machine names.

  i did what basically amounts to your suggestion #2.

# adduser 

  for the machine account i'm going to create.  most lately it was
  for an account for machine 'phoenix'.

  then i did

# vipw

  and added the '$' to the username.

  then i did the smbpasswd -a -m phoenix whatnot ( i don't recall
  the correct syntax at the moment ), and it went thru OK.

  in the daily insecurity output mailed to root, i get warnings that
  the UN has non-alpha numeric characters; but i seem to recall having
  have read in the openbsd/errata.html that whatever does the check for
  valid/invalid UN chars has been revised in -current to stop complaining
  about the '$' specifically due to samba.

  freebsd might have similar plans?

  i've seen no negative repercussions from the $ char in the UN... i can
  'finger phoenix' ok, don't need the '$' there... and if 'rmuser' didn't
  work, you could just vipw the $ out prior to doing that.

  let me know if i'm waay off base and that didn't help.


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