[Samba] Re: Winbind: login "cannot find name for group ID XXXXX" ONLY RedHat 8

Rene Brask Soerensen brask at diku.dk
Tue Jan 28 19:00:21 GMT 2003

David Boynton <david.boynton2 at asu.edu> writes:

> Sigh...
> I also have the same problem.  Unfortunately I was distracted last week while 
> I was looking into it.  It seems that the communication between the nsswitch 
> module and winbindd is broken.  On my box Winbind sees all the groups fine, 
> but the function getpwent() seems broken (somewhere).  I think I'm going to 
> try rebuilding from source and seeing if that fixes the problem.
> Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, do you hold the same contempt for 
> RedHat 8.0 that I do? :)

Same problem here, also on RedHat 8.0

If you solve it will you then post the solution ;) 


Regards Rene

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