[Samba] Winbind: login "cannot find name for group ID XXXXX" ONLY RedHat 8

David Boynton david.boynton2 at asu.edu
Tue Jan 28 18:52:18 GMT 2003


I also have the same problem.  Unfortunately I was distracted last week while 
I was looking into it.  It seems that the communication between the nsswitch 
module and winbindd is broken.  On my box Winbind sees all the groups fine, 
but the function getpwent() seems broken (somewhere).  I think I'm going to 
try rebuilding from source and seeing if that fixes the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, do you hold the same contempt for 
RedHat 8.0 that I do? :)

David Boynton
Senior Network Administrator
Arizona State University West Library
david.boynton2 at asu.edu

On Tuesday 28 January 2003 09:02 am, Chris de Vidal wrote:
> My RedHat 8.0 workstation doesn't want to play nice
> with Winbind.  The rest of our Samba servers (on
> RedHat 7.3) are working fine, and I am familiar with
> setting up Winbind.
> Samba: 2.2.7a (RPM from Samba.org.  RedHat's RPMs do
> same thing.)
> Kernel 2.4.20
> NT 4 domain
> I'd copied the pam and smb.conf from a working box in
> testing.  Getent passwd and group works, BUT getent
> group 'Domain Users' does not (perhaps this is
> related??).  However, getent group | grep 'Domain
> Users' works.  getent group <any other group> works.


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