[Samba] %windows_version?

Kaleb Pederson kpederson at mail.ewu.edu
Tue Jan 28 18:12:07 GMT 2003

Kyle Loree wrote:
> use the %a tag for that.

Hmm... I looked through the docs and saw that but wasn't and still am
not sure that is what I want.  It looks like it will probably work, but
what happens with the next version of Windows?  I presume it also shows
up as unknown, at least for a period of time?

To further complicate things, if the samba developers make more
"architectures" supported, which I hope they do, then all the settings
that people have in the "unknown" directory would then have to be
manually moved over to the new location (and possibly merged with some
of their most recent settings?).

Thanks again.

PS: Please CC me as I'm not on the list.

> %a - the architecture of the remote machine. Only some are recognized,
> those may not be 100% reliable. It currently recognizes Samba, WfWg,
> Win95, WinNT and Win2k. Anything else will be known as "UNKNOWN". If
> gets it wrong then sending a level 3 log to [ mailto:samba at samba.org
> ]samba at samba.org should allow it to be fixed.

> Direct form man pages..   please read your documents, and hope it
works !

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