[Samba] %windows_version?

Kyle Loree kyle at caisnet.com
Tue Jan 28 16:26:58 GMT 2003

use the %a tag for that.

%a - the architecture of the remote machine. Only some are recognized, and
those may not be 100% reliable. It currently recognizes Samba, WfWg,
Win95, WinNT and Win2k. Anything else will be known as "UNKNOWN". If it
gets it wrong then sending a level 3 log to [ mailto:samba at samba.org
]samba at samba.org should allow it to be fixed.

Direct form man pages..   please read your documents, and hope it works !

kpederson at mail.ewu.edu writes:
>I was wondering if there was a %{char} that would give me the windows
>version or something equivalent so that Windows XP specific "stuff"
>doesn't get stuck with Windows 2000 "stuff".
>Thanks for the help.
>PS: Please CC me as I'm not on the list.

Kyle Loree
Rendek Communications
Kyle at caisnet.com

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