[Samba] Virus Protection ... Which one...?

Markus Schabel markus.schabel at tgm.ac.at
Mon Jan 27 20:03:52 GMT 2003

Stephen Kuhn wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 00:36, Ryan Beisner wrote:
>>Hi all
>>I've found a few different packages (RAV, Kaspersky,Vexira, Clam ...)
>>which offer Anti-Virus features for Linux servers.  It looks like RAV
>>specifically supports Samba servers.
>>My question is:
>>Can anyone relay their experiences / opinions / thoughts about which one
>>would work best in a multiple-server environment (~100 Windows Clients)?
>>Thanks in advance -- all comments are welcome.
>>-Ryan Beisner
> In the sense of "keeping it simple" - I got the free version of f-prot
> and use it in a script called out every hour to scan my Samba shares
> (even works on mounted shares to Windows machines) - once I got it
> setup, it was great - fast and easy and helps to keep everything clean
> here...I went for "free" because of budgeting...and well, can't complain
> - especially after this past weekend! We're up and running!

You can run Antivir (www.hbedv.de) without problems on your linux-box, 
there's a public noncommercial licence available, and for commercial
usage the prices are ok.

running also as mailgate on our mailserver ;)

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