[Samba] Samba as PDC for WinXP, Win98 and Win95

joao marka samba at kildare.com.br
Mon Jan 27 15:52:01 GMT 2003

well, first thing to know... is your Xp home or professional ?
if is home, bad news, great troubles...
if professional, try The Windows XP service pack 1, here at my network it 
has worked very well...
but if is home... all logon scripts and profiles will be stored locally at 
the client side, no way to do different.
another thing to do is to create a machine account on the samba side, just 
like an NT4 machine.

At 12:20 27/01/03, you wrote:
>Ive just got the lovely job of converting and old Windows NT 4 fileserver 
>to FreeBSD, ive set up samba before as a simple fileshare but this place 
>requires roaming profile login from WinXP, Win98 and Win95 clients.
>My question is whether or not any of you people have any experience with 
>this and might be able to give some tips on the way? I've tried fidling 
>with it but i cant get my WinXP clients to logon to the domain :(
>I need all the help i can get :)
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