[Samba] Remote machines seen as UNKNOWN

Patrick Percot ppercot at free.fr
Mon Jan 27 10:39:01 GMT 2003

Joel Hammer <Joel at HammersHome.com> writes:

> If you were a frequent visitor  of this list, you would see that the
> developers hang out here, too.

No, I'm new here. 

> This is Superbowl Sunday, so, don't expect too many replys today! 

Just like when there's football (soccer) in France ;-)

> So,  the  question is,  why  aren't  those  machines being  reported
> properly regarding their archietecture? Are those machines reporting
> properly their other variables?
> Here is a complete list of what samba reports with a guest logon from a
> linux box. 
> What do you see? 

I'm afraid that I didn't found the way to list those variables :-/ 

Please  note  that  I  have  tried all  the  tests  in  DIAGNOSIS.TXT,
evrything  works from a  Linux box,  and "net  view", "net  use", "net
logon" fail on the Win98 box. 

Note that "net logon" claims it is not allowed from a dos console ! 

In the previous  list I sent, you can also  notice that a "getpeername
failed" error appears. 

Best regards. 

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Patrick Percot.

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