[Samba] Remote machines seen as UNKNOWN

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Sun Jan 26 23:17:01 GMT 2003

If you were a frequent visitor of this list, you  would see that the
developers hang out here, too.

This is Superbowl Sunday, so, don't expect too many replys today!

So, the question is, why aren't those machines being reported properly
regarding their archietecture? Are those machines reporting properly their
other variables? 

Here is a complete list of what samba reports with a guest logon from a
linux box. 

What do you see?

client machine NetBios name = hammer2 (%m)
Primary goup name of U = ftp (%G)
IP address of client = (%I)
Netbios name of server = jhammer6 (%L)
Internet DNS of client= hammer2.jhammer.org (%M)
NIS home directory= jhammer6 (%N)
Protocal level = NT1 (%R)
Current time and date= 2003/01/19 10:06:54 (%T)
Session user name (one the client wanted)= jlh (%U)
Architecture of remote machine= Samba (%a)
Process ID of current server= 32058 (%d)
Internet DNS hostname of server= jhammer6 (%h)
Path of services home directory from NIS= (%p)
Samba version= 2.2.1a (%v)
Home directory of user in u= /home/ftp (%H)
Root directory of current service = / (%P)
Name of current service = public (%S)
Primary group name of u in share = ftp (%g)
User name of current service = ftp (%u)


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