[Samba] Trouble with connecting on/from W98 share using usermap file.

Bernard FACQUE bernard.facque at temex.fr
Fri Jan 24 11:32:01 GMT 2003

All is fine with my Debian/Samba 2.2.7a configuration NT domain master

I'm using the usermap file so I can logon with long name in W98 while in
Linux login have always 8 caracters.

I 've created on a W98 workstation a share and as I've choosen to get the
list of the users from NT Domain in my neibourghood properties and to logon
on a NT Domain. Getting the list of users from Samba when configuring the
share is OK (of course I see the 8 car. login). But when I want to connect
to that share from another W98 workstation loged on with the longname I can
see the share I can also connect a network drive but I can't move in. I
think that the declared in the usermap file don't operate in this case but
what can I do ?

Thanks a lot

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