[Samba] Samba upgrade and NT domain membership

Paul Taylor taylpm at hydra.si1.dod.gov.au
Fri Jan 24 04:59:01 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I have a number of Samba servers that are members of an NT domain
(i.e. the PDC/BDC runs NT.)  This works fine until I need to
upgrade Samba - then it loses it's membership of the domain.
(I take a copy of the current Samba directory and install the new
version over the top so that the secrets.tdb file etc. are retained.)

The only way I found to restore the domain membership is to delete the
Samba server from the domain on the PDC and add it back again, then run
"smbpasswd -j <domainname>" on the Samba server.

Is there a way to keep the previous domain membership across an upgrade?
Failing that, is there a simpler way to restore the domain membership?
(Preferably without needing access to the PDC.)

Thanks in advance.


   Paul Taylor
   taylpm at si1.dod.gov.au

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