[Samba] Beginner with a beginner's question..

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Fri Jan 24 00:22:01 GMT 2003

I think you should first learn how to use linux, than learn to use samba.

Learn about permissions!

Learn bash, vi, sed, grep, cat, less, find, cd, ls, chown, chmod, locate, and cut.
All of these, except vi, have good man pages (man ls or man bash). There are
books on bash, vi, and sed, and they are needed.

Learn about permissions!

Learn how to print with linux. I don't mean set up a printer. I mean
learn how your printing software works. Printing problems will never go

Learn about permissions!

It won't do you much good to use samba if you can't use your linux
box. Samba simply allows linux to interact with windows boxes. 


On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 05:52:45PM -0500, Mark Butcher wrote:
> Hallo Samba mailing list
> I am a VERY new user to Linux and have just installed it (SUSE version 8.1)
> and can just about make my way around the machine although there a many
> things that I still don't know how to do (eg. looking at the network
> neighborhood the Linux machine should be able to see).
> I have several Windows PCs (running maily NT and Win 98) and the first
> obvious thing is to get these connected to the new Linux box (there is a
> domain and a work goup defined but I thought it easiest to get it in the
> workgroup first)
> After some study I leared that SAMBA is responsible for all this so this
> was installed (from SUSE CDs) and I tried following the docs delivered with
> it and on the Web but this has proved unsuccessful first time around and
> after several hours of sweating it out a helping hand seems required.
> a: I have modifed the samba sonfi file at /etc/samba/smb.config to include
> my workgroup called MJB but could not see any other changes needed (or
> don't understand what else to change..)
> b: I have tested the config with /usr/sbin/testparm which doesn't give any
> errors (at least)
> c: with smbclient -L LAPTOP3       (LAPTOP3 is a laptop in the work group
> with Win 98 on it) I can enter its password and see its shares (NT
> computers can not be accessed with their passwords though, but they do
> allow a password attempt to be made).
> d: I can ping the Linux box and from the Linux can ping other computers
> (Browser works on the linux over ADSL modem - network uses DHCP so no fixed
> IP addresses)
> e: I try to start SAMBA using smbd -D and then nmbd -D (or rcsmb start,
> which I assume is some sort of script delivered with the Linux installation
> to do this simpler - instructed in the user's handbook). There is a message
> to say that things have been started.
> e: From Windows PCs I can not find the Linux PC in the network (it is
> called Webserver in the hope that it will one day really be be able to run
> a web server..).
> I get the impression that there is no difference before or after starting
> Samba (assuming that I have really started it).
> I have sifted through FAQs and other help docs but can't seem to find
> anything to steer me past this first hurdle.
> Is anyone out there able to give a simple tip to a simpel beginner (without
> frightening me with too much jargon) ? It must be very simple
> Thanks
> Mark
> PS I originally tried editing the config file from the console (with root
> password) by simply typing "edit smb.conf". An editor stared as well, but I
> don't know how to use it and also not how to close it ! I have now a
> console open in editor mode which I can not manage to closed.. stupid eh
> ?....
> M_J_Butcher at IEE.org
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