[Samba] Beginner with a beginner's question..

Mark Butcher M_J_BUTCHER at compuserve.com
Thu Jan 23 22:54:01 GMT 2003

Hallo Samba mailing list

I am a VERY new user to Linux and have just installed it (SUSE version 8.1)
and can just about make my way around the machine although there a many
things that I still don't know how to do (eg. looking at the network
neighborhood the Linux machine should be able to see).

I have several Windows PCs (running maily NT and Win 98) and the first
obvious thing is to get these connected to the new Linux box (there is a
domain and a work goup defined but I thought it easiest to get it in the
workgroup first)

After some study I leared that SAMBA is responsible for all this so this
was installed (from SUSE CDs) and I tried following the docs delivered with
it and on the Web but this has proved unsuccessful first time around and
after several hours of sweating it out a helping hand seems required.

a: I have modifed the samba sonfi file at /etc/samba/smb.config to include
my workgroup called MJB but could not see any other changes needed (or
don't understand what else to change..)

b: I have tested the config with /usr/sbin/testparm which doesn't give any
errors (at least)

c: with smbclient -L LAPTOP3       (LAPTOP3 is a laptop in the work group
with Win 98 on it) I can enter its password and see its shares (NT
computers can not be accessed with their passwords though, but they do
allow a password attempt to be made).

d: I can ping the Linux box and from the Linux can ping other computers
(Browser works on the linux over ADSL modem - network uses DHCP so no fixed
IP addresses)

e: I try to start SAMBA using smbd -D and then nmbd -D (or rcsmb start,
which I assume is some sort of script delivered with the Linux installation
to do this simpler - instructed in the user's handbook). There is a message
to say that things have been started.

e: From Windows PCs I can not find the Linux PC in the network (it is
called Webserver in the hope that it will one day really be be able to run
a web server..).
I get the impression that there is no difference before or after starting
Samba (assuming that I have really started it).

I have sifted through FAQs and other help docs but can't seem to find
anything to steer me past this first hurdle.

Is anyone out there able to give a simple tip to a simpel beginner (without
frightening me with too much jargon) ? It must be very simple



PS I originally tried editing the config file from the console (with root
password) by simply typing "edit smb.conf". An editor stared as well, but I
don't know how to use it and also not how to close it ! I have now a
console open in editor mode which I can not manage to closed.. stupid eh

M_J_Butcher at IEE.org

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