[Samba] cleanup_recycle.pl problem (maybe OT)

hans at sbsfor.com hans at sbsfor.com
Thu Jan 23 16:17:00 GMT 2003

Hi all

This maybe slightly OT, but I just noticed an interesting difficulty with
the cleanup_recycle.pl script that comes with 2.2.7a.  I run it on a cron
job every night, deletes files and directories after 3 days.  The trouble I
have is that some of my directory are named with spaces in them  ie "Base
Maps" rather than a more proper "Base_Maps"  The script really doesn't like
those spaces, it tries to delete "Base" and then stops.  My perl is rather
non-existent.  I was wondering if anybody out there has run into this and
figured a work around.  Many thanks.

Hans Rasmussen
Drafting/GIS Coordinator
SBS Forestry Inc.

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