[Samba] Changing from Domain security to User authentication - How To ?

Alan Bradley - CPX WC AlanB at ComparexAfrica.co.za
Wed Jan 22 09:35:02 GMT 2003

Hi All,

I am new to SAMBA so please be patient!

I currently have SAMBA installed with the following specified in the

workgroup is specified as XX
security is specified as DOMAIN
encrypt passwords is set to YES
password server is set to SOMESERVER
WINS server is specified as:

Everything is working well.

The NT people are going to be upgrading to Active Directory over the next
while.  While this is on the go we will have "multiple domains" , so what I
would like to do is to change the user authentication from DOMAIN to rather
be such that a user has a password that they must enter when conecting to
Samba (or it will connect if the network and Samba passwords are in sync).

Can someone please tell me the following:

A) How I can go about doing this?  What changes I need to make to the
smb.conf and also how do I specify passwords for the users or will it keep
the ones they currently have specified, etc?

B) What version of Samba do I need to be running to achieve this?

I am currently running Samba version 2.0.7


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